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           Mabesal started in the year 1993, but opposed to its relative youth our organisation has personnel whose experience in the plywood     s                            sector   span over thirty years. Currently the company employs 80 people.

       The factory of Mabesal, where the production process is centralised, occupies an area of 45,000m2.

       Our production is totally based in the manufacture of Poplar Plywood 

       Why Poplar?

      Poplar is a specie that generally grows close to water; it predominantly grows alongside river banks. It is characterised by fast growth,  giving a lower density and weight compared to other woods used for plywood; as well it has a great capacity for hybridization which has given rise to some 30 different species.

          Another of its principle characteristics is the ease of reproduction of its properties through its seeds as well as to re-grow from the   original cut stump, like the Phoenix it is a tree with an indefinite lifespan.

        These characteristics make Poplar a species that can be cultivated on an industrial basis by means of sustainable forestation which contributes to the protection and improvement of the environment.

         In the current century cultivated Poplar, due to its sustainable development, will be essential to protect the planets natural forests which are being destroyed.

       We are proud to present our process of work of the production of Poplar plywood


working with and for the envinronment



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